Tuesday , 28 June 2022

Proposal to change the Olympic slogan 'citius altius fortius'!

The Executive Committee of the International Olympic Committee, in an online meeting, discussed, among other things, a proposal by IOC President Thomas Bach to add at the end of the Olympic slogan "faster, higher, stronger" the word "together" after a dash.
The proposal for the new slogan in different languages will be:
Latin: "citius, altius, fortius – communis"
English: "faster, higher, stronger – together"
French: "plus vite, plus haut, plus fort – ensemble"

The idea to start this debate was presented at the 137th IOC Summit last month following the re-election of President Bach. The proposal has already received a great deal of support, including from the Pierre de Coubertin International Commission.

The Executive Committee approved the idea and IOC members will now be invited for comment. Depending on the outcome of this consultation, a proposal to change the Olympic Charter may be submitted to the IOC Summit to be held in Tokyo three months from now.

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