Monday , 22 July 2024

Free seminar on Alternative Communication Systems for People with Autism

The on-line seminar entitled: "Train-ASD Alternative Communication Systems and Educational Approaches for People with Autism Spectrum Disorders" in e-Learning format continues to be offered free of charge to all interested teachers and specialists in the field of special education. The seminar can be reached at: and available free of charge. To date more than 4,500 users have subscribed to the tutorial.

The Train-ASD project was implemented within the framework of ERASMUS+ and is the result of the partnership of the University of Macedonia, the University of Bucharest, Autism Europe, the Panhellenic Scientific Association of Special Education (PESA) and the Greek company INTE*LEARN. The aim of the seminar is to raise the awareness and familiarity of teachers and professionals in alternative communication systems and educational approaches, with the aim of better managing people with Autism Spectrum Disorders (DAF) and promoting their participation in the educational process.

It consists of 12 digital courses covering important topics of education for people with ADFs, an e-book and a final evaluation questionnaire leading to the issuance of a Certificate of Attendance. It has been published in 4 languages: Greek, English, Romanian and French. It is aimed at teachers in the field of autism who are newly appointed or unemployed, experienced teachers, teachers who support children with autism or other communication difficulties in general schools, as well as other professionals, such as speech therapists, psychologists, occupational therapists or social workers. It is an innovative effort in the field of teacher training in alternative communication systems and educational approaches for the management of people with ADFs. He distinguished himself at the Education Leaders Awards 2020 by winning the Golden Award in Digital Education.

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