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Construction of a monumental sculpture in Olympia, Brazil

Following the recent online contacts with twin cities, within the framework of its international relations, the Municipality of Ancient Olympia held a new teleconference, this time with the Municipality of Olympia Brazil. In particular, the Mayor of Ancient Olympia, Mr. Giorgos Georgiopoulos, spoke with his counterpart olympia Brazil, Mr. Fernando Cunha, with the participation in the discussion and the responsible Deputy Mayor of International Relations, Mr. Haris Spiliopoulos, Mr. Cunha, Mrs Cristina Prado Rodrigues and the partner of the Mayor of Ancient Olympia, Mrs Sally Spiliopoulou.

The focus of the discussion was the proposal of the Mayor of Olympia to build a monumental sculpture three meters high on a main avenue near the entrance of the city's tourist park, dedicated to twinning with Ancient Olympia. This sculpture will have as its central form a copy of the iconic statue of Niki peony located in the Museum of Ancient Olympia. This idea, Mr. Cunha arrested her in March 2020 in Ancient Olympia where she participated in the 1ο forums of twin cities.

Mr Georgiopoulos and Mr Spiliopoulos thanked Mr. Cunha for this honorary initiative that further strengthens the friendly ties between the two cities and informed the Mayor of Olympia that the Municipality will be at his disposal for any support required. Mr Georgiopoulos also informed Mr Georgiopoulos. Cunha to activate the initiative to create the network of twinning cities as the Brazilian Mayor participated in the meeting of p. March. In this online consultation cycle, which will continue with the other sister cities (preceded by Inzawa Japan), there will be preparations to form the charter for the network under construction.

The wish of both sides is to follow up on the initiative and live. Thus, it was proposed by Mr. Georgiopoulos, if circumstances permit, that the Mayors of all the sister cities in Ancient Olympia meet next autumn, for the 2ndο forum, as part of the Olympic Flame Touch ceremony for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.

Source - Municipality of Ancient Olympia

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