Tuesday , 16 July 2024

Full transparency in the disability opinions of the KEPAs

With its continuous and persistent interventions in recent years, the EESA claims the improvement of the KEPAs at all levels, among them the disclosure of the names of doctors. Since the beginning of the operation of the CSPs, the Confederation has pointed out that invalidity opinions issued and granted must be signed by examination doctors, as is the case with the opinions of the ASYE, because the anonymity that exists has led to conduct incompatible with the functioning of the committees and has led citizens who felt that they had been wronged in administrative courts.

According to the opinion of the Legal Council of the State of 17ης July 2020, this request by the ESA, for the disclosure of the names of doctors of the health committees of the KEPAs, at the request of the person concerned, shall be met. And finally, and after constant pressure, the administration of the e-EFKA accepted it and issued a communication on "Notification of requested data – names of medical members of kepa health committees". The notice is sent to the Secretaries of the KEPAs and states: "Following the above and given that the medical records of the applicants for certification of a percentage of invalidity are kept in your unit, please, as at the request of the interested parties, provide the requested administrative documents with the names of the doctors – members of the Health Committees of kepa".

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