Monday , 15 July 2024

Highly offensive statements by the Mayor of Zakynthos on People with Disabilities

Unacceptable statements by the mayor of Zakynthos, who reacted to the subsidised recruitment of disabled people and people from vulnerable groups. In particular, Mayor Nikitas Aretakis referred to disabled people, describing them as "crippled". As OPEN TV broadcast, during a teleconference on 20 November for the Water and Electricity Company of Zakynthos (JHAZ), there was a discussion to recruit to it through OAED people with vulnerabilities and people with disabilities and people close to retirement. Then the mayor, who is also president not only of this municipal company on the island but also of everyone else, reacted, using embarrassing characterizations.

Addressing a conversation, he said: "This mess of business is what you want, right? To get subsidized, to get strangers to work for a while and then leave, not count, not have organization in the department, and you expect us to move forward. With subsidised people and people who can't work, crippled, the JHAZ will go ahead, won't it? With cripples, the JHAZ will go forward, won't it? With them will the JHAZ go forward?"

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