Friday , 27 May 2022

Review of club operating criteria requested by the Sports Federation for the disabled

The National Sports Federation of Persons with Disabilities (EAOM-Disabled) is in line with the positions of the Hellenic Olympic Committee on the operation and legality of sports clubs, which form the backbone of Greek sport. Eaom-Disabled fully agrees with the comments and objections expressed in the EEE communication and asks the Ministry of Sport to review the criteria by which a club can operate and exercise all its legal rights. Above all, and at this time, control of the Sports Register of clubs that, in quarantine times, creates delays and sends the wrong messages to the sports family should be removed. Especially for the associations of EAOM-Disabled, this problem is growing, since they have no financial resources and therefore financial self-sufficiency through academies and so on.

We call on the Ministry of Sport to allow sports clubs to settle their outstanding issues in the Sports Register under recommendation by the end of 2021, while at the same time it should provide a solution to the financial "suffocation" that exists in disabled clubs on merit. Unfortunately, in this case too, the Ministry of Sport has set vague criteria for providing financial assistance to the clubs, creating further problems in the sports structure. The EAOM-Disabled, through its general meeting and the absolute acceptance of the clubs themselves, had set criteria for the allocation of the money (received by the General Secretariat of Sport), depending on the range of their racing activities (p.p. 10 different criteria), which the Ministry of Sport did not take into account, giving the same money to disabled clubs that have either 10 athletes , or 200. For disabled clubs, their main livelihood is the state grant which has not been given in the last two years, making it difficult to work in a sensitive sports area, from which professional players and technocrats are absent. The inability to find resources for the proper functioning of disabled associations, combined with the lack of state assistance, lead us with mathematical precision to obscurity.

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