Saturday , 25 September 2021

Deterrent Parking System in disabled places in Trikala!

The Municipality of Trikkaia aims to prevent illegal parking. In particular, in seats, which are allocated only to vehicles for the disabled. The Deterrent Parking System controls and ensures the maintenance of disabled seats only for these citizens. Using special equipment, the system "reads" the vehicle of a disabled person and sends immediate notice to the Municipal Police, which in no time confirms a possible violation. Automation will also be extended to cargo loading and unloading locations, pedestrian crossings and ramps on sidewalks for the disabled, parents with strollers.

The System shall verify, verify, inform, whether the vehicle parked in a position intended for persons with disabilities is in fact a vehicle belonging to a disabled person. This is done through two simple devices: one sensor and one card. The sensor shall be placed in the middle of the parking space and 'read' the signal emitted by the vehicle's magnetic field, establishing whether the parked vehicle has a disabled vehicle signal.

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