Monday , 22 July 2024

Conference call of the Deputy Minister of Sport with the Association of Greek Olympians

The Deputy Minister of Culture and Sport, Lefteris Avgenakis, was also entertained by the Greek Paralympic Association. The EWS is once again active, following the General Assembly of 8 March and the antiquities that followed. The new Board of Directors consists of Grigoris Polychronidis (chairman), Manolis Stefanoudakis (vice president), Antonis Katsasos (treasurer), Yiannis Kostakis (Secretary General) and Alexandros Taxidalis (member, contact and public relations manager ), while the audit committee consists of Georgios Kapelakis, Thodoris Alexas and Thanasis Tsivilis.
Mr. Avgenakis congratulated them on the reactivation of the Association and thanked them for highlighting and strengthening, in these difficult days for the country with the crown, the message of discipline and adherence to the advice of special scientists. "Once again with your behavior, you act as a model, as an example for imitation, for all Greeks and especially for the new generation", stressed the Deputy Minister of Sport. Mr Avgenakis also underlined the exception provided for in the decision to ban the operation of sports facilities nationwide, which allows the preparation of our champions for the Olympic and Paralympic Games to continue. In Tokyo. In addition, the Deputy Minister of Sport informed the Board of Directors of the EWS on the development of the issue of construction, for the first time in Greece, of the Paralympic Sports Centre, one of the main policy axes in sport, as announced following a related meeting with the Prime Minister. He told them that the use of space in Rafina is preferred, as agreed after successive meetings of Mr. Avgenakis with the Regional Governor, George Patoulis, the Mayor of Rafina - Pikermi, Vangelis Burnous, the president of the Paralympic Committee , George Fountoulakis and the president of UCITS, Takis Kaloudis, a proposal to be submitted to the Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, and he will have the final say. The Bureau of the Association of Greek Paralympics welcomed this initiative, as well as their commitment to cooperation in the transfer of know-how and experience.

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