Wednesday , 27 September 2023

World medal for the Greek Paralympic Fencing!

The first medal of Greek wheelchair fencing for 2020 is a fact. Panos Triantafyllou won the silver medal in the Category B sword and took a decisive step towards qualifying for the Tokyo Paralympic Games.

The "silver" Paralympic champion of Rio, from the qualifiers, showed his racing superiority in this weapon, after qualifying for the "32" with the best performance. In the "16" phase defeated Frenchman Kraneg 15-7, pole Dabroovski prevailed 15-9 in the quarter-finals, and qualified for the final after the 15-13 victory over Russian Kurzin. In the race for the gold medal, Triantafyllou was defeated 15-11 by Rio's Polish "bronze" Paralympic champion Adrian Castro, thus staying second. A total of 24 athletes participated in the Category B saber

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