Friday , 19 July 2024

The Romans support the bid of their city for the Olympics of 2024

The citizens of Rome and the province feel positive about the capital city's bid to host the Olympics, according to a poll carried out by Censis. 50.2 percent of residents stated that they are favourable to hosting the Olympics in Rome, while 36.2% stated they were opposed; 11.3% were indifferent, while 2.3% weren't sure how to answer. The divide was even greater when residents on the outskirts, but within the province of Rome, were polled: in this case 55.2% were favourable, while 25.1% were opposed. The average, therefore, comes out to 51.9% in favour and 32.5% opposed.

The Censis poll further underscored the fact that consensus cut across the board: including people searching for their first job, the young and the old, and equal numbers of men and women. Reasons given for supporting the Games included: the possibility that new investments would improve the city (48.5%), the push for jobs and income (45.8%), the impact on tourism (33.8%), improving the way Rome is seen around the world (33.5%). Finally, people's expectations: 38.9% of those in favour expect that public transport will improve, 37% expect improvements in certain parts of the city affected by the Games, such as Tor Vergata and Saxa Rubra; the same percentage was confident that renovating existing sport facilities would be successful.

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