Tuesday , 16 July 2024

The Paralympic Movement is getting stronger and celebrates

The Paralympic Movement worldwide is getting stronger in order to promote the Paralympic Values. Recently, two National Paralympic Committees- the Russian and the Colombian- celebrated the anniversary of their foundation.

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, International Paralympic Committee President Sir Philip Craven and IPC Vice President Andrew Parsons joined the Russian Paralympic Committee in celebrating its recent 20th anniversary. The celebration was held in collaboration with the National Paralympic Committee’s General Assembly at the Paralympic House in Moscow and nearly 100 delegates from 32 regional membership organisations of Russia were in attendance.

The Colombian Paralympic Committee celebrated 15 years of its constitution on 3 February, recognising how far the organisation has come in developing para-sport in the country. As mentioned to the Committee’s website ‘It has been 15 years promoting the values of the Paralympic Movement: inspiration, determination, courage, equality and ensuring the human right to sport without discrimination of any kind, and helping to make the dreams of many who at first it seemed unattainable.’

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