Tuesday , 16 July 2024

Promoting the Olympic values ​​in Cyprus

The Ministry of Education and Culture of Cyprus sent to all the primary schools of the country, the book which published by the National Olympic Academy of Cyprus, with the sponsorship of the Cyprus Olympic Committee, 'How well do you know the Olympic Games." The two sports organizations in the context of their role in the Cypriot society, offered the book as a gift to all the students of the 5th class of the Primary Schools.

The book is illustrated, contains 36 pages and 15 chapters, each of which is introduced by a question relating to general knowledge of the Olympics. Additionally, includes the participations of Cyprus and the Cypriot athletes at the Olympic Games, both during the period of the ancient Olympic Games were held in Olympia, and the modern era began in 1896 in Athens. This manual may be another educational tool for the promotion of the Modern Olympic Games and the Olympic values.

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