Friday , 27 January 2023

Hopes for the reopening of the Olympic Museum in Olympia

The issue of reopening of the Olympic Museum in Ancient Olympia started reheated, as began the discussions of the stakeholders, with promising results so far.

The first contact was made between the Hellenic Olympic Committee and the Municipality of Ancient Olympia, at the headquarters of the HOC in Athens. The meeting was attended by the President of the HOC Spyros Capralos, the Secretary General Manolis Katsiadakis and theDean of the Museum of Modern Olympic Games George Alikakos and by the Municipality of Ancient Olympia, the Deputy Mayor George Deves and City Council President Panagos Pantelakis.

Both sides expressed their desire for direct cooperation and finding a solution for the reopening of this historic museum, as soon as possible.

Πηγή: Ελληνική Ολυμπιακή Επιτροπή

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