Tuesday , 6 June 2023

Global recognition for Katerina Nicolaidou Among the 40 best rowers in the world the Greek Champion

Among the best athletes in the world ranked according to the World Rowing Federation (FISA) Katerina Nicolaidou of N.O.Katerinis such she is among the top 40 of the World Ranking. The ranking occurs depending on the medals and performance for the past 3 years, in Men-Women's World Championships and World Cups and the total years that the athlete struggles worldwide.

The high position of Nicolaidou in the World Ranking, is an another recognition from the World Rowing Federation, which last May was declared the Greek champion «Rising Star» of world rowing.

Katerina Nicolaidou having secured the qualification of the Brazilian Olympic Games with Sophia Asoumanaki, train intensively towards an Olympic medal in Rio.

Source: Olympio Vima Newspaper

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