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With Olympic shine the Marathon in Istanbul

Kenyan Elias Kemboi Chelimo and last year’s winner Ethiopian Amane Gobena won the men’s and women’s race respectively in Vodafone 37th Istanbul Marathon, one of the most prestigious sports organization held in Turkey. The 42-kilometer and 195-meter-long marathon started about 250 meters behind the toll booths of the Bosphorus. Around 30 thousand athletes from 120 different countries have registered for the 15 and 10 kilometer races.

After the start up, athletes arrived at Karaköy following the coastal road from Beşiktaş after passing the Bosphorus Bridge. After the Galata Tower, the marathoners ran towards Eyüp and arrived at Yenikapı through Unkapanı by making a turn from Feshane. After taking a turn from Bakırköy, the athletes passed through Gülhane Park to reach Sultanahmet. The athletes completed the marathon between the gateway to the Blue Mosque and the Egyptian Obelisk.

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